My Results on Whole30

So as many of you may know I just finished round two of Whole30. To say I'm a believer is an understatement. Like I'm so passionate about it, that I may have convinced 1/3 of my church to begin it... Haha! But it's honestly because I saw so many amazing results from it. Here is an overview of my results from both times I did Whole30. 


What I Lost

The most asked question while on Whole30 was how much weight I'd lost. The first round I didn't work out and just focused all my time on sticking to the Whole30 diet and I lost 13 pounds in 30 days. I've never in my life lost that much weight that quickly, so naturally I was ecstatic to do it again! Now, the second round I did workout (make sure to check my blog next Saturday for my workout routine) and I lost 6.5 pounds. I knew this round I would lose less because I would be gaining muscle and my body wouldn't be in such shock because I started my second round just three weeks after finishing my first one. But I can say I saw my body toning up much more in the second round. Praise the Lord for arm muscles, no more thunder thighs, and a stomach I can't see past my boobs. Haha! I also lost one pant size each round. So overall I dropped two pant sizes and 19 pounds in less than 3 months. I'd say that's pretty successful! 


Energy Level

One of my favorite changes I saw both times on Whole30 was my energy level was off the charts. I wake up at 7:15 every morning to work out and in the past I would dread having to get up and work out, but on Whole30 I wake up rested and ready to go! Off of Whole30 I have to drink at least two cups of coffee to finish my day strong, and even after those coffees I'm still beat. On Whole30 if I drink two cups I'm up until midnight (which if you know me you know I go to sleep at 10:30 on the dot every night because I'm soooo exhausted) and I still wake up energized. On Whole30 I also have energy to be going a lot and not feel overwhelmed or exhausted because my body is running off of natural sugars rather than processed ones. 


My body was Regulated (not in the way you're thinking)

1. Menstrual Cycle:

I have dealt with troubles in my menstrual cycle since I was 16. I have debilitating cramps, heavy, and abnormally long periods, so I've been on and off birth control since I was 16. I am currently on extremely strong birth control to where I only have a period four times a year and when I do my periods are light with minimal cramping. Since being on my birth control I've never spotted, ever. But on my first round of Whole30 exactly 28 days after my last period I began a full fledge period. I had no cramping and no extra side effects like dizziness (which always happens even when they're light), irritability, or breakouts. On my second round of Whole30 I started my period early and had the same symptoms listed above. I've loved having "normal" periods. It is crazy how just changing your diet can change something as simple as your menstrual cycle, but I am not complaining! Haha! 

2. My Gastro Issues

I have had gastro issues for as long as I can remember, but I always just thought it was because I'm lactose intolerant. I had heard that being on Whole30, because it eliminates all that, would help with my gastro problems. My first round I went all 30 days without any issues. It was amazing!! On my second round though I started getting sharp stomach pains. After looking into it I realized I have a sensitivity to almonds. Although I was sad to get rid of my yummy almond butter I was devouring, I was thankful to know what I need to avoid once I'm off Whole30. I'm looking forward to continuing in my gastro freedom. It's so nice to not be doubling over in pain after eating a nice meal with friends and having to leave early to go home and lay down and take my GasX and Pepto... (Turning red as I type this... Haha!)


The Difference In My Body

I could tell my clothes were fitting looser during Whole30, but I didn't realize just how many inches I was losing until I tried on some super cute shorts I bought for the Fourth of July and they were literally falling off of me. I was astounded that my body could shrink so much in only a few months. To give you a better idea of just how much my body has changed during this process here are some pictures of me on the Fourth of July sporting those cute shorts (that were squeezing me to death!) and now. :) 


Thank you to all who have supported me and followed along this journey with me! I literally have such a great group of cheerleaders! If you decide to try Whole30 let me know so I can cheer you on! :)